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DEVO are a music group. They have been around since the mid 70's. I know loads more, but haven't had time to get it down. So for now:

Work in progress - please mail me with any information you may have about Devo.


Loads, but like I said - it's not done yet...


Newsgroups: alt.fan.devo A medium-to-low-volume newsgroup - lurk for a while.
Fan WebPages: MuteWeb A full-to-bursting Devo Web Page. I can only point and stare.
Lyrics If you every needed to lyrics to 'I need a chick'...
Spudland Aagh! Change the background, please.
Kevin Teague Dunno
Inaccurate Decay Dunno
We Are All Devo Dunno
Try it Dunno
Lazlo Discographies Dunno
Commercial WebPages: Mutato Musika(HB) The home of Mark Mothersbaugh - for Win95
Mutato Musika(LB) The home of Mark Mothersbaugh - For mere mortals
Rykodisk Rykodisk have released several Devo disks, including HardCode Devo
Infinite Zero Infinite Zero have re-released Devo albums
Inscape Dunno
Restless Records Devo Recordings
Voyager Sales Voyager sell the Videos on Laserdisk - If you're interested
FTP Sites: Mystery FTP Site #1 Roll up for the lucky dip.
Discography by Lazlo Nibble
Try it by Lazlo Nibble
Email: sammy@eggneb.astro.ucla.edu Ask about the Devo Archive

Give me more links.

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