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So, you've seen lists of Ivor Cutler's works and, understandably, you want to buy some, if not all of it. The information on this page should help a little, although much of his work is unavailable or difficult to find.

Peter Hesketh advertised in the magazine Record Collector for Ivor Cutler material and received quite a few replies. May I suggest that if you do the same, you pass on the details of replies that you do not need, possibly via the newsgroup



Childrens Books


Live Events

Other Addresses

For more information, try writing to:
The Ivor Cutler Mailing List, Arts Theatre, Great Newport Street, LONDON, WC2H 7JA
I understand that this is where his agent, David Jones is/was based.

To contact Ivor Cutler, you could try writing to one of his publishers, e.g. Reed Books.
Also, John Peel might still forward stuff sent c/o him at the BBC. So you could email John Peel at

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