Ivor Cutler: An Introduction

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Ivor Cutler has many hats. You can see him wearing a number of them in his book A Stuggy Pren. Whenever I am forced to describe him to others, I call him a 'Humourist', but that describes his effect rather than what he does. He is a poet, playwright, composer, comedian, actor, musician, and a children's writer, often combining a number of these roles for any given piece or performance.

These pages attempt to catalogue his works. I would appreciate any new information on Ivor Cutler, including the contents of his publications and recordings, and of course, corrections to these pages. Please mail me.

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30th March 1997
Rev-Ola, part of Creation Records re-released Ivor Cutler's 1967 album Ludo (CREVO49CD) on the 24th of March. The album consists mainly of songs, with a few spoken poems and stories. Rev-Ola appears to have become Ivor Cutler's new label, having re-released two Ivor Cutler albums in the last two years. The Creation Records web site includes a list of new releases, which includes an un-named Ivor Cutler release due in May. This may be the CD release of 'A Wet Handle' which is listed in Ludo's 'works extant 1996' as being on cassette from Dandelion Records. The poetry collection A Wet Handle was published earlier this year by Arc Publications. The interview and review of Ludo in the Telegraph on 22nd March, states that 'A Wet Handle' will be released on the Creation label (not Rev-Ola) on May the 12th.

Ivor Cutler will be performing at the South Bank Centre in London on Monday 23rd of June 1997. Tickets can be bought at the South Bank Centre or via Ticketmaster on 0171 344 4444. I hope to attend, and will introduce myself to anyone wearing a dessert spoon in their breast pocket.

Old News is available, but what use is old news ?


I am grateful to the following people for supplying much of the information on these pages.

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