16th March 1997

By way of catching up on the recent events:

21st Nov 1996

I've added the portrait of Ivor Cutler that I posted to
Also, I've ordered the new book A Wet Handle from Arc, although it won't be published until 'just before Christmas'.

8th Nov

Jon Fairbairn has been trying to track down Ivor Cutler recordings. 'Serious' told him that Rev-Ola are planning to re-release Ludo early in 1997, and that a CD of the new book A Wet Handle is intended for 1997 (label not yet known).

6th Oct

Arc Publications will be releasing a new collection of poetry by Ivor Cutler on the 15th November 1996. The collection is called A Wet Handle, contains 100 pages and will be a paperback at 3.50. Order direct from Arc Publications, Nanholme Mill, Shaw Wood Road, Todmorden, Lancs OL14 6DA, UK, or by email to, or by phone (01706 812338) or fax (01706 818948).

Ivor Cutler will be performing in October. I can't find the details at the moment, but they were posted on in the last month.

I've identified a number of additional recordings involving Ivor Cutler. Look at the guest recordings page on this site.

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