Information on publications by or about Ivor Cutler has been put into the following sections:
Poetry; Prose; Philosophy; Children's Books.

Don't forget to check out some of Ivor's works in Norwegian.


Ivor Cutler has written a great deal of poetry. The publications are listed below, with further details just a click away. Remember: The poetry books published by Arc are tiny (~5"x3"), so you can always have one in your pocket!

Ivor Cutler has also been published in anthologies, including:


Ivor Cutler has also written a number of books of prose. These are mainly collections of short stories or scenes, with something a little unusual in them. Some are have been drawn from his childhood in Scotland. Further details on each are just a click away.

I'd be most interested in buying a copy of Fremsley. Any offers ?


Philosophy is the category into which Ivor Cutler places the following publication:

This is a small booklet containing images of small labels with phrases printed upon them. I understand that Ivor Cutler has been getting these printed up for him by address-labelling companies for many years. He then sticks the labels in appropriate places. He was recently reported as placing a "This smells funny" label on a Sheryl Crow poster. This must seem peculiar to people unfamiliar with Ivor Cutler. It seems quite normal to me, which is worrying in a way...

Examples of the phrases are: "he stopped for a right good blink", "changing your pants is like taking a clean plate", and "The essence of a label is to inform, but.... Not this one, Amigo".

The book contains contributions from Phyllis King and Robert Wyatt (the guy who was in SoftMachine).

Interested ? The booklet is published by:
Pickpockets, 25 St Mary's Terrace, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 3LS.
Telephone (+44) 01424 714393

Children's Books

Ivor Cutler used to teach children, so put when he writes books for children you can be sure that they won't be banal stories, but will have some deeper purpose and unusual subject matter. As he writes on the back of The New Dress:

A children's story is the means not the end, especially if you take the time to read this book with love.

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