Guest Recordings by Ivor Cutler

A Symphony of Amaranths1972Regal ZonophoneSLRZ 1028 An LP by Neil Ardley.

Ivor sings on The Dong With The Luminous Nose.

The Dong With The Luminous Nose. (other song titles not known)

Rock Bottom1972Virgin UKV 2017An LP by Robert Wyatt.
1974Virgin France840043
1974Warner or Virgin USAVR 13-112
1974Virgin UKVGD 3505Double LP
1989Virgin UKCDV 2017CD Re-issue.

Ivor guests on Little Red Robin Hood Hits The Road.
Nick Masonproducer
Laurie Allan:drums (2,6)
Alfreda Benge:voice (5)
Ivor Cutler:voice (3,6), baritone concertina (6)
Mongezi Feza:trumpet (3)
Fred Frith:viola (6)
Hugh Hopper:bass guitar (2,4,5)
Mike Oldfield:guitar (6)
Richard Sinclair:bass guitar (1,3,6)
Gary Windo:bass clarinet, tenor (5)
Robert Wyatt:voice, keyboards, James' drum (1,3,5), guitar (2), Delfina's wineglass (2,3), a small battery (3)
Further details are available. The piece Little Red Robin Hood Hits The Road also appears on the Robert Wyatt bootleg album Las Vegas Fandango, recorded in 1974 in Drury Lane Theatre, London. (Details found in the Canterbury Discography, right at the bottom).

1. Sea Song (6:30)
2. A Last Straw (5:44)
3. Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road (7:40)
4. Alifib (6:55)
5. Alife (6:17)
6. Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road (6:19)

Andy Barber has a copy of this album. Of it he says:
I have the ROBERT WYATT "Rock Bottom", Where Ivor does one song. I just love his concepts & general use of words. "I lie in the road trying to trip up the passing cars", "I fight with the handle of my little brown broom", "Yes, me & the hedgehog we bursting the tyres all day", "I give it you back when I finish the lunch-tea".
The rest of the album is genuine wonderful weirdness from Robert "Alifib be my larder" (SIC). I think this was the album that he recorded after he broke his back when he was still in Soft Machine. The jazz is devine. It is a a very old ablum & will now only be found in second hand shops. If you see it sell your house, children, etc.
Rcarlberg adds:
Luckily it has been released on compact disc, so your kids don't have to go on the block. The lyrics aren't typical Ivor; I don't think he wrote them (Robert is credited). Wonderful disc as you so rightly point out.
Julian Christou adds:
You might like to know that the album "Rock Bottom" is currently available on CD by Virgin. Also most of the tracks are available on last years Virgin Wyatt restrospective "Going Back A Bit" a double CD. A wonderful album to be heard by one and all. Also try "Ruth IS Stranger Than Richard" his second Virgin release - more up tempo and jazzy than the first. Actually Wyatt had already left the Softs and was with Matching Mole who had recorded two albums. He was working on new material for possibly a third MM album some of which was showcased on a Peel session which he and Francis Monkman did. Soon after that he fell out of the window & broke his back. This album "Rock Bottom" (the title says it all) was recorded after the fall and he was working he way back up. He recorded a similar album in the 80's "Dondestan" on Rough Trade which is an equal materpiece but not so introverted and more political. Also he recorded Ivor's "Grass" (featured on the Virgin "V" sampler as one of his 80's Rough Trade singles.

V1974VirginV 2502A sampler LP.
1975?VD 2502?

Ivor recorded the song Grass which was subsequently recorded by Robert Wyatt on a Rough Trade single in the 80's, and on his album Nothing can stop us 1981?, CD Rough Trade 72438 394032 5.

Grass (other tracks not known)

Arsloch1980VogelRR75 A gatefold single.
A: ArslochB: Good Morning

Passed Normal Volume 51992Ponk Records? Ponk Records
Ivor Cutler performs the short piece I'm Busy.
I'm Busy (0:49) (other track titles not known)

A New Consciousness 199? Fax

This is an ambient record by Pete Namlook and Charles Uzzell-Edwards with vocals by Ivor Cutler. I am currently trying to ascertain whether this is OUR Ivor Cutler. Visit Pete Namlook/Fax Records for the source of this information.

The World Is A Wonderful Place - The Songs of Richard Thompson 19?? Green Linnet 3086

Sung by:
Sally Barker * Peter Blegvad * Christine Collister * Martin Etzioni * The Fraser Sisters * Full Moon Fair * Clive Gregson * Boo Hewerdine and Eddi Reader * The Keith Hancock Band * The House Band * Ron Kavana * Ian Keary and Ivor Cutler (performing Wheeley Down) * Men & Volts * Plainsong * Tom Robinson * Martin and Jessica Simpson * Victoria Williams - and one mystery track!
The World Is A Wonderful Place is a 75-minute musical tribute to the songwriting genius of Richard Thompson. All 19 tracks, except for one, were recorded specifically for this album and none have been released before in North America. This is must listening for every Richard Thompson fan and for every fan of great music who wants to know what all the fuss is about. You'll find the world to be a little bit more wonderful because of these great songs.
Visit Green Linnet for the source of this information. Additional information is available

Miniatures: A sequence of fifty-one tiny masterpieces 1980Pipe RecordsPIPE2
Ivor Cutler performs the short piece Brooch Boat, from the poetry collection Large et Puffy
Edited by Morgan-Fisher, licensed through Cherry Red in the UK.
A1. Ollie Halsall & John Halsey - Bum Love
The Residents - We're a Happy Family/Bali Ha'i
Roger McGough - The Wreck of the Hesperus
Morgan-Fisher - Green and Pleasant
John Otway - Mine Tonight
A2. Pete Challis & Phil Diplock - My Way
Robert Wyatt - Rangers in the Nightst
Stinky Winkles - Opus
Mary Longford - Body Language
Andy 'Thunderclap' Newman - Andy the Dentist
David Bedford - Wagner's Ring in One minute
A3. Fred Frith - The Entire Works of Henry Cow
Maggie Nicols - Look Beneath the Surface
Joseph Racaille - Week-end
The Work - With Wings Pressed Back
Neil Innes & Son - Cum On Feel the Noize
A4. Herbert Distel - Toscany in Blue (Last Minute)
Lol Coxhill - An End to the Matter
Ken Ellis - One Minute in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Steve Miller - Alice
A5. Norman Lovett - John Peel Sings the Blues Badly
Patrick Portella - Serrons Nous Les Coudes
George Melly - Sounds that Saved My Life (Homage to K.S.)
Robert Fripp - Miniature
Andy Partridge - The History of Rock 'n' Roll
Phantom Captain - Breather
B1. Ron Geesin - Enterbrain Exit
Alejandro Vinao - An Imaginary Orchestra
Quentin Crisp - Stop the Music for a Minute
Simon Desorgher - Tetrad
Ralph Steadman - Sweetest Love (Lament After a Broken Sashcord on a Theme of John Donne)
R.D. Laing & Son - Tipperary
B2. Trevor Wishart - Beach Double
John White - Scene de Ballet
Ivor Cutler - Brooch Boat
Hector Zazou - Do Tell Us
Michael Bass & Ellen Tenenbaum - A Miniaturisation of Bartok's Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion
B3. Martin Chambers - A Swift One
Bob Cobbing & Henri Chopin - Refreshment Break
Dave Vanian - Night Touch
Metabolist - Racing Poodles
B4. Gavin Bryars - After Mendelssohn (137 Years)
1/2 Japanese - Paint it Black
Simon Jeffes - Arthur's Treat
Mark Perry - Talking World War III Blues
Michael Nyman - 89-90-91-92
B5. David Cunningham - Index of Ends
Kevin Coyne - James, Mark & Me (In the Manner of Tom Waits)
Etron Fou Leloublan - Hep!
Neil Oram & Ken Campbell & The Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool - Minute Warp
Pete Seeger - Chorale From Beethoven's 9th Symphony
Further details, and yet more details are available elsewhere.


David Gibson posted the following information on on 20th Nov 96:

This message was sent to me privately. The author has said I can post it
here, but I seem to have deleted some of it from my system :-(
This is what remains:

In message <>, on Sat, 16 Nov
1996 David Porter <> writes

>Ivor Cutler once recorded something to be included
>in Mike Oldfield's album Ommadawn in 1975. This
>was done at Mike's house in Kington, Herefordshire
>but was not included on the final album! The present
>owners of this house have told me that Ivor stayed
>there again, some time later, when it became a guest

>David Porter
>Editor of Airborne - The Mike Oldfield Magazine

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