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Most of the following recordings were available on LP in the late 80's. Unfortunately, I had neither the full appreciation for Ivor Cutler at that time, nor the money to buy the LPs. Very few of the albums have been re-issued on CD. Having said that, The Works Extant section in Is that your flap jack? indicates that Dandruff, Velvet Donkey and Jammy Smears are on CD. Well, they were...

Guest Appearances

Other Music

Chris Meloche reports that The "NME Book of Rock 2" (1976) mentions that Ivor wrote music for Ken Russell's "Diary of a Nobody" (BBC 2).

Sessions for BBC Radio 1

Ivor Cutler has been recording sessions for BBC radio 1 for many years. These details and the sessionography have been taken from the book In Session Tonight - The Complete Radio 1 Recordings by Ken Garner, published by BBC Books 1993 (ISBN 0 563 36452 1). Photographs can be found on pages 13 and 175.

In the book, Ivor Cutler talks of his Radio 1 sessions:

"I don't remember how my first Peel session came about. He was playing anarchic tapes then (1969), by the likes of Ron Geesin, and Lol Coxhill. I know he bought a copy of my LP Ludo (on Parlophone) in Woolworth's, Stowmarket for 10 shillings, not long after. He stoped playing the others eventually, but kept on playing me. When I asked him why, a couple of times, he just smiled quietly and said nothing. Maybe the Director-General forced him to.

"Jasia Reichardt of the ICA invited me at about that time to write an introduction to a show of sitting rooms they were doing. I wrote a piece called Life in a Scotch Sitting-Room for the catalogue.

"After the show, I asked the late Mal Dean, of the free-form "Amazing Band", to illustrate it. He said he would only do one picture, and I'd have to write more if I wanted more pictures. So I did that (two episodes were first broadcast as part of a Peel session on 27 February 1971); but his work wasn't simpatico, so I gave him some money for his trouble, but went on writing episodes, about two per annum, and performing them on stage and radio, until I had twenty. Then greatly daring, I asked Martin Honeysett to illustrate them, and he was perfect, and off I went to Methuen. I've done six books with him now.

"Thanks to Peel, I gained a whole new audience, to the amazement of my older fans, who find themselves amongst 16-to-35s in theatres, and wonder where they come from. I've also had fan-mail and a lot of work because of the sessions, both gigs and radio. Piers Plowright of Radio 3 heard me on Peel, got in touch and I wrote thirteen plays for him. Neil Cargill got me to do six thirty-minute shows, also for Radio 3. And Andy Kershaw started playing me on his show as well.

"Lastly, I'm a member of the Noise Abatement Society and the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, if you get my meaning."

View the sessionography.

Series for BBC Radio 3

Ivor Cutler has also recorded for BBC Radio 3. His album Prince Ivor contains a number of plays for Radio 3.

Date Notes
30th May - 3rd June 1994 A Stuggy Pren. A five-part series, broadcast on BBC Radio 3, Monday to Friday at 9:05pm.

Other Radio

David Kipling tells me that

IC did a few BBC Radio shows at 11:00 pm on Saturday nights, called "The I.C. Snow" (not "Show"); they ran about 5 minutes each. That would be mid-1960's.

Colin R. McLeod tells me of

A major documentary broadcast on BBC Radio 4, I think around 1987. This was a well-publicised programme lasting 30 or 45 minutes (a Kalidoscope Special?) featuring an extended interview with Ivor himself, interviews with friends and Ivorologists, and excerpts from his recordings. I can't remember much about it now - he did say that he was probably the only artist to have regular airplay on Radios 1,2,3 & 4 (this was before Radio 5), and that he was a life member of Exit, the voluntary euthanasia society. As seems to be not unusual amongst funny men (Peter Sellars, Tony Hancock, Kenneth Williams etc), the overall impression given was of someone not happy in life.


Title Notes
Life in a Scotch Sitting Room Listed in BFI 1993/94 Animation Catalogue. Dir. Ron MacRae, GB 1986 16mm col 5 mins. £10.00 to hire. Described as "A humorous behind the scenes look at family dynamics". With music and narration by Ivor Cutler. BFI Film and Video distribution, 21 Stephen Street, London W1P 1PL. Tel 0171 255 14444 or 0171 957 8938.
The Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour 1967. Ivor Cutler plays 'Buster Bloodvessel'.


I have a vague recollection of a documentary broadcast on UK television regarding Ivor Cutler. It may have been The South Bank Show by Londow Weekend Television.
Please tell me if you have further information on this.

David Kipling recalls seeing Ivor Cutler on Spike Milligan's TV show.


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