Recordings Released by Ivor Cutler

Ivor Cutler of Y'Hup 1959 Fontana TFE 17144 An EP.

Get Away From The Wall 1961 Decca DFE 6677 An EP.

Who Tore Your Trousers ? 1961 Decca LK 4405 An LP.

I Had a Little Boat/A Great Grey Grasshopper 1967 Parlephone R 5624 A single from the album Ludo.
Side ASide B
I Had a Little Boat A Great Grey Grasshopper

Ludo 1967 Parlephone PCS 7040 An LP.
1997 Rev-Ola CREV049CD Re-released
A great grey grasshopper
Darling, will you marry me twice
A still, small fly
Deedle, deedly, I pass
I had a little boat
Mary's drawer
I'm happy
I'm going in a field
Go on, jump!
Flim flam flum
Good morning! How are you? Shut up!
Lst song
A suck of my thumb
The shapely ballon
Sleeve Notes
Ivor Cutler Trio
Ivor Cutler - keyboard
Gill Lyons - doublebass
Trevor Tomkins - percussion
illustrations - Ivor Cutler
All titles written, arranged and composed by Ivor Cutler (Mecolico)
Produced by George Martin
Produced for release by Joe Foster & James Kyllo
Sound recreation by Denis Blackham & Joe Foster
Artwork realisation by Toby Egelnick
Special thanks to Ivor Cutler

Dandruff 1974 Virgin OVED33 (also V2021) An LP, with Phyllis King.
Side OneSide Two
Solo on Mbira (Bikembe) in 5:3 time.
Dad's Lapse.(M)
I worn my elbows.
Hair Grips.(PK)
I believe in bugs.
Goozeberries and bilberries.
I'm walkin' to a farm.
The railway sleepers.
Life in a Scotch sittingroom, Vol.2, ep.1.(L)
Three sisters.
Baby sits.
Not big enough.(PK)
A barrel of nails.
Trouble trouble.§
I love you.(PK)
Vein girl.
Five wise saws.
Life in a Scotch sittingroom, Vol.2 ep.1.(L)
The painful league.
Piano tuner song A.D.2000. Self knowledge.
An old oak tree.
The aimless dawnrunner.(C)
Face like a lemon.
A bird.(PK)
A hole in my toe.
My mother has two red lips.(M)
I like sitting.(M)
The forgetful fowl.(M)
If everybody.(M)
For sixpence.(M)
I used to lie in bed.(M)
If all the cornflakes.(M)
My sock.(M)
When I entered.(M)
Two balls.(M)
Miss Velvetlips.
Fur coats.
The darkness.
A beautiful woman.
Making tidy.(PK)

Sleeve Notes

(M) Many flies have feathers
(PK) Written and read by, copyright of, Phyllis April King
§ Publishing rights - Bocu Music
(C) Cockadoodledon't!!!
(L) Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol. 2

Velvet Donkey 1975 Virgin OVED34 (also V2037) An LP, with Phyllis King.
Side OneSide Two
If your breasts
I got no common sense (FF)
Useful cat (PK)
Oho my eyes
The dirty dinner
Yellow fly (FF)
Mother's Love (PK)(FF)
The meadows go
Phonic Poem
Life in a Scotch sittingroom, Vol.2 Ep.2
Nobody knows (FF)
Uneventful day (PK)
Little black buzzer
Bread and butter
A nuance
Go and sit upon the grass
The even keel
Pearly Gleam
The best thing (PK)
Life in a Scotch sittingroom Vol.2 Ep.7
Once upon a time
There's got to be something
The purposeful Culinary Implements
Gee, amn't I lucky (FF)
The curse
I think very deeply
I, slowly (PK)
Sleepy old snake (FF)
Titchy digits
The stranger (PK)

Sleeve Notes

(FF) Viola by Fred Frith
(PK) Written and read by Phyllis April King

Jammy Smears 1976 Virgin OVED 12 (also V2065) An LP, with Phyllis King
Side OneSide Two
Bicarbonate of Chicken
Filcombe Cottage, Dorset (PK)
Squeeze Bees
The Turn
Life in a Scotch sitting room, Vol.2 Ep.11
A Linnet (PK)
Jumping and Pecking
The Other Half
Beautiful Cosmos
The Path
Big Jim
In the Chestnut
Dust (PK)
Rubber Toy
Unexpected Join
A Wooden Tree
When I stand on an Open Cart
High is the Wind
The Surly Buddy
Pearly - Winged Fly
Garden path at Filcombe
Paddington Town
Cage of Small Birds (PK)
Life in a Scotch sitting room, Vol.2 Ep.6
Lemon Flower
Red Admiral (PK)
Everybody Got
The Wasted Call (PK)

Sleeve Notes

(PK) Written and read by Phyllis April King

Life In A Scotch Sitting Room, Vol. 2 1978 Harvest SHSP 4084 Live LP.
1987 Speakout SPOUT2001 LP Reissue.
1995 Rev-Ola CREVO35CD CD reissue.
Side OneSide Two
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 9
Jungle Tip - Owl
Episode 1
Episode 11
Jungle Tip - Lion
Episode 5
Episode 14
Episode 7
Episode 12
Jungle Tip - Leopard
Episode 8
Episode 6
Episode 4
Jungle Tip - Boa
Episode 13
Episode 0 (0 secs)

Sleeve Notes

Recorded by Pete Shipton of Radio Clyde at the 3rd Eye Centre, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, on the 7th, 8th, 9th of July, 1977.
Edited by Seán Murphy & Pat Stapely, and Master Record cut by Mick Webb.
All tracks registered with P.R.S and M.C.P.S and ©1977 Ivor Cutler.
Sleeve front - Helen Oxenbury ©1977. Lettering - Phyllis April King.
Deep gratitude to Al Clark and Seán Murphy.
The contents of this album are published as a book, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. In case of difficulty you can buy, directly, or by post, the following works by Ivor Cutler, from, 'Compendium', 240 Camden High St. London, NW1. Prose - 'Cockadoodledont' (Dennis Dobson) ill.
Poetry - 'A Flat Man' (Trigram) ill. Phyllis April King
Children's Books (Heinemann) ill. Helen Oxenbury 'Meal One', 'Balooky Klujypop', 'The Animal House'.

Privilege 1983 Rough Trade Rough 59 An LP, with Linda Hurst
Side OneSide Two
Sit Down
Use A Brick
Home Is The Sailor
For Practice
A Doughnut In My Hand
Fair's Fair
Killer Bee (Jungle Tip)
Whale Badge
Blue Bear
Creamy Pumpkins
Counting Song
My Darling
Life In a Scotch Sitting Room Vol.2 (Episode 15)
Mostly Tins
Tomato Brain
Bad Eye
Silent "S"
Halfway Through
Look At The Moon
Old Black Dog
The Gathering Doubt
Pussy On The Mat
Large & Puffy
People Run To The Edge
Country Door
Piranhas (Jungle Tip)
I Love You But I Don't Know What I Mean
Breathing Regularly
Life in a Scotch Sitting Room Vol.2 (Episode 16)
Full Of Goods
Ok, I'll Count To 8
Secret Drinker
Pass The Ball Jim (for John Peel)
Over You Go
Step It Out Lively, Boys
Uncut Moquette
Women Of The World

Sleeve Notes

Produced by David Toop and Steve Beresford
Steve Beresford: euphonium, piano, trumpet, singing, percussion and effects
Ivor Cutler: harmonium, piano, drums, voice.
Linda Hirst:voice.
David Toop: alto flute, banjo, singing, percussion and effects, recording of night insects from Amazonas, Venezuela (20)

Women of the World 1983 Rough Trade RT145 A single.

Doug Sulpy informs me that the version of Women of the World on this single differs from the one on the album Privilege because:

after the song fades Ivor comes back for a few moments and says: "...but know who."

Prince Ivor 1986 Rough Trade Rough 89 Double LP
Record 1
Side 1
Record 1
Side 2
Ivor Cutler and ... the Mermaid
Ivor Cutler and ... the Mole
Ivor Cutler and a Barber
Ivor Cutler and the Paperseller
Ivor Cutler and a Storeman
Record 2
Side 1
Record 2
Side 2
Ivor Cutler and ... a Princess
A Miner Is Approached by Ivor Cutler
Ivor Cutler and ... his Dad
A Sheet Metal Worker Is Approached by Ivor Cutler
Ivor Cutler and a Small Holder
Prince Ivor


The album should be pronounced "Prance eeVOR". It contains 12 plays written for Radio 3. More information on the Anecdotes page.
Gruts 1986 Rough Trade Rough 98 An LP, with Phyllis King.
Side OneSide Two
I'm happy
Gruts for tea
A red flower
How to make a friend
Fish fright
Darling, will you marry me twice
Scratch my back
Egg meat
Old cups of tea
The judge's parcel
I had a little boat
The hoorgi house
A steady job
In my room there sits a box
The dirty dinner

Peel Sessions 1989 Strange Fruit SFPS 068 An EP.

This EP contains pieces from Ivor Cutler's 1977 recording session for John Peel of Radio 1.

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