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(taken from the book 'Love Cuts')
John Hegley was born in Newington Green, Islington, at an early page in the book of his life. By chapter two he had moved to Luton where he spent the majority of his childhood and the totality of his time in the scouts. We then find him briefly in Bristol, bus conducting, from where he moves to Bradford University to study Literature and Sociology and then he's back in London, busking and working in children's theatre, before embarking upon his present voyage in the poetry area. He has had five books published Glad to Wear Glasses (1990), Can I Come Down Now Dad? (1991), Five Sugars Please (1993), These Were Your Father's (1994) and Love Cuts (1995). He performs at festivals, on radios and in televisions and theatres. He has access to a dog.

He has also recorded a collection of songs and poems entitled Saint and Blurry.


Title:Glad to Wear Glasses
Published by: André Deutsch, 1990. ISBN 0 233 98659 6 (paperback)
Themes:Glasses, Dogs, Scouts, Trainspotters
An example: "Poem about not using tropical hardwoods
because it diminishes the rain forests"

this winter
I hope you get a splinter
if you make a toboggan
and it is a mahog'un

Title:Can I Come Down Now Dad?
Published by: Methuen, 1991. ISBN 0 413 66300 0
Themes:Glasses, Dogs, Scouts, Trainspotters, Romans, God
An example: "My doggie don't wear glasses"

my doggie don't wear glasses
so they're lying when they say
a dog looks like its owner
aren't they

Title:Five Sugars Please
Published by: Methuen 1993. ISBN 0 413 67880 6
Themes:Glasses, Dogs, Scouts, Trainspotters, Romans, God, Cafes
An example: "The difference between dogs and sheds"

It's not a very good idea to give a dog
a coat
of creosote

Title:These Were Your Father's
Published by: Methuen 1994. ISBN 0 413 68730 9
Themes:Glasses, Dogs, Scouts, Trainspotters, Romans, God,
Cafes, Camping
An example: "My father's footwear"

Once, a skinhead in my class
came round my house in his Doctor Martens
and passing the rubber galoshes
which my dad wore
to dig the garden
He got me to try them on
and he said 'gosh John,
those galoshes look really smart,
you should start
wearing them into school.'
And foolishly I did

Title:Love Cuts
Published by: Methuen, 1995. ISBN 0 413 69910 2
Themes:Glasses, Dogs, Scouts, Trainspotters, Romans, God,
Cafes, Camping, Spuds, Plasters
An example: "Fracas"

Eric got aerobic
when the going got too Francophobic:
he didn't have a leg to stand on
but he had someone to land on.


Title:Saint and Blurry
Released on: Rykodisc/Hannibal, 1993. HNCD 1376
Themes:Glasses, Dogs, Scouts, Trainspotters, Spuds, Sumo
An example: "Malcolm"

Miserable Malcolm from Morcombe
Had rottweilers but would not walk 'em
They stayed in all day
But no muck would they lay
Because Malcolm had managed to cork 'em


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