Matthew Perret: A Biography

Matthew Perret was born in Slough in 1970, wrote a novel about a train set aged 5, became a pubescent hospital radio presenter, and started performing at Oxford.

His show "I am left-handed and would like to sing a song" gained a cult following on the 1990 Edinburgh Fringe and was followed by shows with Brian Patten and Michael Rosen.

Since 1996 his poetry has been periodically published in the Guardian Weekend, and he has performed in Spain, Belgium and London. Extracts of his 1997 show on the Edinburgh Fringe ("A Perret and a well-oiled Limb" with pianist Jeremy Limb) were broadcast on Radio Forth to great acclaim. The performers were described by Charity Trim as a "psychotic pair of bedwetters".

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Future Plans

Shows are planned in Brussels (Jan '98) and London (Dec '97?), and some further radio recordings will be made over the Christmas period.

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